Race Chairman: Gary Lippert   [ Send e-mail ]
Registrar: Marsha Toombs   [ Send e-mail ]

This event is held under the 2013 SCCA General Competition Rules, its amendments and the Supplemental Regulations.

Driver Eligibility: Races are open to all drivers licensed per GCR 3.1.5 and its amendments, EXCEPT THOSE UNDER AGE 18. Drivers must be 18 and over.

Car Eligibility: Race cars must conform to the 2013 SCCA GCR and its amendments.

Sound Control: A sound control limit of 103 dB is in effect for this event. Sound Control reports will be posted in the North end of the garage.

Trophies: Trophies will be awarded per GCR.

Race Officials

Chief StewardMeridith Croucher
SOM ChairmanRoy Bergman
NYSRRC REPMary Hartman
Chief StarterJohn Flowers
Chief F&CBarbara Lissow
Chief Timing & ScoringCarl Dresie
Chief ScrutineerBruce Perry
Chief Sound ControlJim Craven
Dave Avery
Chief Grid MarshalLarry Emery
Chief of PitsMichele Secord
Emergency ServicesContracted By WGI
AnnouncersJoshua Ashby
Zach Anderson
HospitalityElizabeth Thiel
TrophiesGary Lippert
ProgramMike Toombs
Competition Board ChairmanFran McAllister
Pace CarJim Brown
Regional ExecutiveMike Toombs

Race Groups:

1 IT-7, NCF Rules 2 Rules 3 SSM rules 4 VS2 rules 5 HRG Rules
*FV & FST will be joined for a split start from the rest of Group 2
**VS2 will have a split start from the rest of Group 6

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