SCCA RoadRally

Cars start at one minute intervals. The first section of the rally allows you to compare your mileage to the rallymasters'. If you have a trip odometer in your car you can zero it at the start. You will have a specified amount of time to reach the Official Mileage Point. Wait there until the given time has elapsed, then leave, following the directions given and travel at the specified speed. Timing controls will be found at various locations along the route.


Since the Rallymaster knows how fast you were supposed to travel, and how far you went, we calculate an exact time when you should arrive at the control. The control crew times you with a very accurate clock when you arrive. Your score is the difference between when you should have arrived and when you did arrive. Points are given for being early or late. This is a contest of precision, not a race. If you are late at one control, you can not make up for it by being early at the next. The score for each leg is separate. All legs are totaled and the lowest score wins.

As with any sport, it takes practice to get very good scores. Regardless of whether you get very good scores, or just scores, rallying is a lot of fun if you like to spend time in your car, see some scenery and spend time with congenial people.

Events usually end at a spot where munchies & beverages are available. You can join the rest of us in discussing how the event went and how you did, while we wait for scores to be calculated and trophies to be awarded.

Introduction To Road Rally