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Welcome to Autocross with the Finger Lakes Region SCCA


Welcome to Autocross with Finger Lakes Region SCCA

What is autocross?

Autocross is the use of traffic cones to make a mini-road course in a large parking lot or unused airport tarmac and see who can drive the quickest without hitting any cones or going off course.  Autocross is one of the most intense and fastest paced forms of motorsports, where drivers can approach (or even exceed) the limits of their vehicle without the consequences of hitting a track barrier or another car.

What is it like to drive?

Here is a video of a run through a course - they are different at each event.

What do you need?

Any make/model car (no trucks or SUVs) in decent working order.  That is it!  Cars are classed by performance potential so everything from daily drivers to purpose built race cars are all welcome!

What if I have no experience? 

That’s ok!  Loaner helmets, instructors, and novice program are available to help!

Is it legal?

Yes!  We are fully sanctioned and insured by the SCCA, and have an extensive safety program.

Where is it held?

Events are currently held at the Seneca Army Depot, a retired runway and taxiway next to picturesque Seneca Lake, near Geneva, NY.

How much does it cost?

Events are $55 with an SCCA membership, $70 without, and a $15 student discount is available.

Can I spectate?

Spectators are welcome and free!  Sign a waiver and we may be able to get you a ride with a competitor to experience what it is like!

I want to try it!  What else might I want to know?

How do I sign up?

Visit our main page for the full schedule and links to each event's registration page.


What time should I show up?

Generally, gates open at 7:30, with drivers meeting at 9:30, but refer to the MotorSportsReg page where you register for the event for exact times.  Get there early enough to empty out your car, get through tech, and try to walk the course a couple times before the drivers meeting.


What should I expect for the Tech Inspection?

A quick check to make sure your car is safe, loose items are emptied out, brakes are solid, battery and wheels are secure.  For more details see


What do I need to bring for the event?

Dress appropriately for being outside all day. That includes sunscreen and/or rain gear. Bring something to eat/drink. A folding chair is a good idea. A quality tire pressure gauge will help with dialing in your pressures during the event. Also, something to put your number on both sides of your car.


Do I need my own helmet?

No, we have loaner helmets if you don’t have your own. If you do decide to buy your own helmet, please make sure that it is SNELL SA or M rated. The year rating changes, so check for the current requirements. Usually it’s current plus previous 2. As of 2023, we are accepting SNELL 2020, 2015, 2010.

The official SCCA helmet guide is here:


What class does my car compete in?

If it’s your first time, and you are unsure, just put “I don’t know” as your class when you register, and we can help you at tech.  If your car is stock, you will be in one of the street classes, if it is modified, you may be in one of the higher prepared classes.  Don’t worry about it now, you will be in novice class to start.  If you want to know beforehand, feel free to ask for help via email or in our Facebook or Discord, links below.


Do I need to put numbers on my car?

Yes, you must put the number you selected during registration on both sides of your car. They need to be big enough to easily read at a distance, and in a contrasting color to your car. They should be at least 8” tall. The simplest way is to use masking or painter’s tape. Please don’t use blue tape on a blue car. You can tape paper numbers to the car as well, but beware if it rains, they probably won’t work well.


Do I need to work the course during the event?

Yes, everyone works. We can’t hold the events without everyone pitching in somewhere. Most commonly, you’ll need to help out on course and reset cones that get knocked down. There are other positions that require some experience, skill, or a special license. If you can’t stand for extended periods or run for cones, please let us know and we’ll give you one of the other work assignments.


What if I don’t work during the event?

You must work a heat for each heat you run. If you don’t, your times for the event will be disqualified.


What if I show up late?

Tech Inspection and the Driver’s Meeting are both mandatory. You cannot participate in the event without doing both of those, so once the driver’s meeting starts, there are no more entries allowed.


Do I have to stay for the whole event?

The event will run until about 4:30pm, with awards following cleanup. We really appreciate any help we can get collecting the cones and packing the truck up. However, there is no issue if you have to leave early. Just make sure you do a work for each heat run, and then let an official know you are leaving early so that we can make sure we cover your work assignment.


Where can I find the results?

During the event, we will have all timing information available at, with final results being posted to the website after the event.


How many runs will I get?

There will be a minimum of 3 runs. We usually get 5-8 runs during an event. If time permits, there will either be additional runs or non-competitive exhibition runs.


Can I take a passenger with me when I drive?

If you are a novice, the only passenger you may take with you is an instructor. Any others require the approval of the safety steward on site. You can also ride along with any instructor or designated driver, and we encourage it!


I have more questions!!!!

We have a Facebook group here where you can ask questions. Or you can email  Or join our Discord here. If you are at an event, you can ask anyone around you – usually if they don’t know, they can point you to someone that can help.

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