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BoD Meeting

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I now have the membership numbers for the Feb 01 meeting
As of Jan 02 we were at 420
For Feb 01 we are at 416
► I will put together some :how-to: guidance for getting your digital ANNUAL waiver completed before the 01 March meeting.
► We still have MANY region members who have no email associated with their membership at National. Most of our correspondence is passed on via email. PLEASE check your membership to ensure you have a correct email address associated with your membership, or add one if necessary. 

Congratulations to Christopher Bucknam & Lyn Wechsler, Finger Lakes Region's newest 50 YEAR SCCA MEMBERS ! 


December 2022:  We had our last membership meeting for the year December 6th our next membership meeting is January 3,at Jeremiahs on Jefferson Rd..  2023 is starting to come together. FLRs, award banquet is Jzanuary28th details are posted on our website.  The NEDIV minicon will be a one day event February 11 in Scrantom, Pa.  SCCA  national is sending people to assist.  December 20th was the large and medium quarterly meeting. A lot of good things have been done.  The membership renewal is now condensed having full membership, weekend membership and trial membership on one for.  Fees are set for sanctions ate set there was a slight increase.  The national convention schedule is posted non the SCCA website.  It is virtual and there is no charge for registration.  FLRs' next BoD meeting is January 17th it will be a zoom meeting.  


Road Race

December 2022:  The NEDIV schedule and Super Tour schedules are set.  They are the same as what was sent out and are posted on the Race page on the FLR website.  We have not received a contract for the 2023 Fun One but are expecting a cost increase.  FLR made out pretty well in both the Super Tour and Fun One in 2022.  The days of large parties after regional races at WGI is probably over until participation increases (we only had 140 SCCA racers at the 2022 Fun One).  Attendance was down everywhere.  We still don't have details for Nelsons Ledges so we do not know if Mahonning Valley or NEOHIO are planning events.  Not much progress been made on electronic logbooks so the current paper ones have been ordered along with 2023 helmet stickers.


Feb 22 - We have no events currently scheduled.  Spring time work day to repair the field will be scheduled as the weather improves.

Road Rally



The Winter RoadRally series is in full swing with 3 events complete and 3 to go. We've had really good participation this year with a nice mix of novice and experienced teams. This season we're posting Rally review articles on the website. Here's one written by Karl Haltiner from his December Rally:


Monthly Rally meetings continue on the second Tuesday of the month (7:30-9:00pm Rick Barnes' house - 96 Church St, Victor, NY). These meetings are especially fun during the winter season as we share our stories and adventures from the most recent Rally.


May 2022 Had an Autocross 05/04/2022 We had 76 participants results are posted on our group page Our next event this month is 05/25/2022 Chai of the event si contact him at with questions


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