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I now have the membership numbers for the Feb 01 meeting
As of Jan 02 we were at 420
For Feb 01 we are at 416
► I will put together some :how-to: guidance for getting your digital ANNUAL waiver completed before the 01 March meeting.
► We still have MANY region members who have no email associated with their membership at National. Most of our correspondence is passed on via email. PLEASE check your membership to ensure you have a correct email address associated with your membership, or add one if necessary. 

Congratulations to Christopher Bucknam & Lyn Wechsler, Finger Lakes Region's newest 50 YEAR SCCA MEMBERS ! 


September: Elections are coming up and we are still looking for candidates. Everyone
who has come forward is running unopposed. Contact Meridith Croucher if you are interested.
The Region has got to get over our covid mentality. We no longer need zoom meetings and we
have a place with a separate room for our membership meetings. The region is bigger than just
your competitive group. Meeting and socializing with each other is important. If we just meet
with our competitive groups we lose the ability to learn from others experiences. We become
inbred and are doomed to remake avoidable mistakes. Please get more involved in the Region
it is larger than any of our competitive groups..

Road Race

Setember2022: The 2022 Fun One took place September 17&18. Entries were still low
but we may be close to breaking even. We still do not have the track damage and overtime
charges. We need better support from our driver community. You may be going to the RunOffs
and saving your car but that doesn’t preclude you from coming down and helping in tech or
other specialties. We probably had one of the largest turn outs for a regional race in NEDIV but
most drivers do not have a clue as to what the cost of putting on a race at WGI . If we want a
race program FLR driver participation in the program and attitudes have to change.


Feb 22 - We have no events currently scheduled.  Spring time work day to repair the field will be scheduled as the weather improves.

Road Rally



The Winter RoadRally series is in full swing with 3 events complete and 3 to go. We've had really good participation this year with a nice mix of novice and experienced teams. This season we're posting Rally review articles on the comeroadrallywith.us website. Here's one written by Karl Haltiner from his December Rally: 



Monthly Rally meetings continue on the second Tuesday of the month (7:30-9:00pm Rick Barnes' house - 96 Church St, Victor, NY). These meetings are especially fun during the winter season as we share our stories and adventures from the most recent Rally.


May 2022 Had an Autocross 05/04/2022 We had 76 participants results are posted on our group page Our next event this month is 05/25/2022 Chai of the event si contact him at aedgecomb@gmail.com with questions


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