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2018 League Results

Events Schedule

   Events are held during the month of February and ran each Thursday starting at 6:00 pm with the Over 200 weight class, and immediately following their completion will be the Under 200 Weight class. 

Week 1: 3000 RPM Challenge

              Practice, Qualifier, and Main Event.

Week 2: Surprise Format

              Practice, Reverse Order, Qualifier, Main Event

Week 3: Reverse 3000 RPM Challenge

              Practice, Reverse Order, Qualifier, Main Event

Week 4: Endurance Race

              30 Minutes of Bumper to Bumper Action.

League Standings

Under 200lb Weight Class

1.)   250  - Marcus Kroll

2.)   242  - Victor Jimenez

3.)   180  - Gregg Vandivert

4.)   176  - Brad Whiteside

5.)   122  - Miles Krieg

6.)   96    - Melvin Dillon

7.)   96    - John Weisburg

8.)   84    - Chris Cuifo

9.)   64    - Anna Thiel

10.) 54    - Dinah Weisburg

Over 200lb Weight Class

1.) 262  - Chris Cuifo

2.) 211  - Ryan Lynch

3.) 178  - Everett Buck

4.) 135  - Andrew Edgecomb

5.) 132  - Graham Hartwell

6.) 131  - Tyler Porter

7.) 124  - Steve Marshall

8.) 111  - DC Cantwell

Event Schedule and Results

Feb 01, 2018

Week 1

3000 RPM Challenge

Winter Karting League Week 1 Results:

   The over 200 lbs class ran first at 6 p.m., with a practice, qualifier, and race. Graham Hartwell earned bonus points for qualifying first, in a rough and tumble run with Andrew Edgecomb who qualified second, but it was Chris Ciufo who took the checkered in the main event, coming from 3rd for the win and setting the group's fastest lap for the evening of 19.030.

   The under 200 lbs class ran at 7 p.m. with the same format. Victor Jimenez set a blistering qualifying lap of 18:687, with Brad Whiteside on the outside front row. However, the O.D.B. Marcus Kroll smelled blood, moved Brad out of the way and chased down Victor (who had a kart that was rapidly losing power) to muscle his way to the win with a fastest race lap of 18.796.

   Be sure to show up next week! Even if you didn't register for the league, drop ins are $65. You're definitely going to want to show up for week 4!

Feb 08, 2018

Week 2

Surprise Format

Winter Karting League Week 2 Results:

   This week's format included a brand new track layout and three points events:

1 - A standing start race, with the grid arranged in reverse of last week's main event finishing order (first place started last, last place started first).
2 - A fastest lap qualifer.
3 - A standing start main event based on the qualifer.

   The over 200 lbs class ran again at 6 p.m., with Everett Buck on the pole and last week's winner Chris Ciufo at the back of the pack. This standing start race included a lot of banging as the big boys bashed into each other repeatedly. At the end of 16 laps, Tyler Porter grabbed the checkered flag, with Andrew "Chewie" Edgecomb in second and DC Cantwell in third. A qualifier followed, seeing Chris Ciufo take the pole with Andrew Edgecomb in second and Graham Hartwell starting third for the next standing start race. The last race for the heavyweights went cleanly, seeing Chris Ciufo dominate from start to finish with a fastest lap of 21.109, followed by Andrew Edgecomb in second and the dark horse Ryan Lynch grabbing third.

   The under 200 lbs class was up next at 7:30. They were joined by three drop-ins for the evening, including John and Dinah Weisburg and Chris Ciufo signing up for a second helping of racing action. The first standing start race saw Miles Krieg on the pole, which he held on to until the very last lap. Unfortunately for him, last week's winner Marcus Kroll worked his way from the back of the pack and managed to pass Victor Jimenez and Miles on the last lap when Victor got jammed up by Miles. In the qualifier, Marcus ran a 21.202 to take the pole for the next standing start race, with Brad Whiteside on the outside in second and Victor Jimenez in third. From the drop of the green flag to the checkered, Marcus held the lead and took his third win of the evening with a fastest lap of 20.991, followed by Brad in second and Victor in third.

Feb 15, 2018

Week 3

Reverse 3000 RPM Challenge

Winter Karting League Week 3 Results:

   In a surprise twist, the entire evening was run BACKWARDS, which actually wound up being fun and fast course (that many of the drivers preferred).


   The format was similar in that there was a practice, a main event with grid positions assigned the reverse of last week's finishing order, a qualifier, and a final main event.

   The 200 lbs+ gentlemen took to the track first with a lighter attendance than normal, with both Steven Marshall and DC Cantwell missing from the field. Graham Hartwell wound up winning the rough and tumble reverse main, while Chris Ciufo managed to work his way up from last to second, with Everett Buck rounding out the top three. Chris Ciufo then qualified first and dominated the main event from start to finish, followed closely by Ryan P. Lynch in second and Tyler Porter in third, setting the fastest lap for the 200 lbs+ drivers with a 21.090.

The under 200s began running between heats around 7 p.m., again with Chris Ciufo entering the mix and Mile's dad taking his seat for the evening. Gregg Vandivert looked good early on, setting the fastest lap in practice by a good margin. The first race of the night put Dinah Weisburg on the pole but at the end of the violent race Chris Ciufo snagged the win (to the dismay of everyone under 200 lbs) while John Weisburg placed second and Victor Jimenez snuck in to third. Qualifying saw Brad Whiteside take the pole for the main event, with Marcus starting in second and Victor in third. Victor got the jump on Marcus and took the inside at the start, holding his position but unable to get by Brad, who defended brilliantly to catch the win. Despite setting the fastest lap of 20.859 during the final event, Marcus was unable to capitalize on his speed and get past the leaders.

Next week is the Enduro - don't miss out! Drop ins are $65.

Feb 22, 2018

Week 4

Endurance Race

Winter Karting League Week 4 Results:

   The final race of our Winter Karting League at RPM Raceway consisted of a reverse-order main event (points leader starts last, etc), a qualifier, and a 30 minute endurance race (during which the drivers must swap karts four times).

   The heavyweights (over 200 lbs) started first, with DC Cantwell ceding his seat to Alex Johnson and Ryan P Lynch giving his seat up to his friend Brandon (insert last name here). Graham HartwellAndrew T Edgecomb and Tyler Porter were all conspicuously absent. Unsurprisingly, Chris Ciufomanaged to work his way from the back of the pack to the front to win, with Everett Buck in second and Alex Johnson in third.

   Chris qualified first, followed by Steven Marshall and Brandon. He bounced between first and second throughout the race, trading places with Alex Johnson - although at the end of the race Alex only pitted three times (despite the peanut gallerly wildly gesticulating at him to pit before the finish) - resulting in Alex's disqualification and Chris's win (and the group's fastest lap of 20.988), followed by Brandon in second and Everett in third.

  The lightweights (under 200 lbs) were joined this week by Anna Thiel, and were missing Melvin DillonJohn Weisberg and Dinah Gueldenpfennig Weisberg. The group started with a violent and contact-filled reverse main, resulting in several hard crashes and an admonishment from the staff. Gregg Vandivert grabbed first place, followed by Victor Jimenez in second and Marcus Kroll in third.

   Victor proceeded to qualify first, with Marcus in second and Brad Whitesidein third. During the endurance race, Brad and Miles Krieg both only pitted three times, resulting in their disqualifications. This placed Anna in fourth, Gregg in third, Marcus in second and Victor in first due to his particularly efficient pit stops. However, Marcus clawed back 3 bonus points with a fastest lap of 20.949.

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