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My first event… and maybe not my last!

My first event…and maybe not my last!

Months ago my father in law Fran asked me to host a social event of some sort. He has been doing a fabulous job of organizing more social events for the region and because I always loved scavenger hunts I thought it would be a good addition to the 2016 calendar. I decided that this was going to be a family focused, non-competitive event. What fun this turned into! We had 10 cars and 20 participants. Four of the cars were a parent with a kid; it was awesome to see. The event started in Canandaigua on a super cold, windy fall afternoon so we quickly explained the event and sent them on their way. Since this wasn’t a rally we gave them detailed instructions and a list of items to find along the route, which started on the east side of Canandaigua Lake and proceeded around the south end to Brew and Brats on the west side. Participants were asked to “scavenge” (IE: take a picture or answer a question) about 40 items that were along the route for 1 point each. There were a handful of more difficult items that were 3 points each and then a list of trivia questions at the end. The intent of the event was to introduce, or re-introduce, people to the Finger Lakes Region and instead of an entry fee there was a suggested donation, of which 100% would go to the Finger Lakes Trail Conference The group was very generous and we are donating almost $200 on behalf of the region, which will buy 2 logs to build a new lean-to! Thanks to all who participated and I look forward to organizing another in the future!

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