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Track Day Details Announced

Finger Lakes Region SCCA Watkins Glen Track Day

July 24 and 25, 2019

This event is held under the SCCA Track Event Rules.

The purpose of this event is to give drivers an opportunity to experience driving on a track. Instructors will not be assigned. You are expected to use good judgement and drive in a safe manner. Drivers must be at least 18 years old and hold a valid drivers’ license. All participants must be SCCA members or have enrolled as a weekend member for the event.

Event Lead: Charles Tanck, email, phone: 585-467-4993 Registrar: Marsha Toombs, email, phone: 585-328-2617 Safety Seward: Lew Geisy Technical Chief: Charles Tanck Driver Coach: David Ciufo Novice Coach: TBD

The event is restricted to 90 participants in 3 skill groups. Production closed wheel and prepared closed wheel vehicles are eligible for the event. No open wheel vehicles.

Group 1: Advanced. Advanced drivers should have a substantial amount of track time, be familiar with all flags, drive within their limits at all times and take point bys in the designated passing zones.

Group 2: Intermediate. Intermediate drivers should be familiar with all flags being used and respond to them without hesitation, be consistent on the track and be able to give point bys in a timely manner.

Group 3: Novice. Any driver that has not driven on the track with procedures in place for flags and point bys. It is possible that drivers with experience in other forms in other forms of motorsports, oval track racing, SCCA Autocross or Rallycross may be asked to participate in this group.

If you have questions about grouping please contact Charles Tanck at or 585- 467-4993.

For more information, open the track rules document in the Track Day section of the website.

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