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2021 Election Results

2021 Election Results
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The results are as follows:

Q1. 64 people voted. Barbara Lissow was approved as Activities Director with 62 yes votes.

2 voted no, 3 people skipped the question.

Q2. 64 people voted. Elizabeth Thiel was approved as Treasurer with 63 yes votes.

1 voted no, 3 people skipped the question.

Q3. Mark Kruger won Director at Large with 40 votes.

Mike Brunner received 24 votes, 3 people skipped this question.

Q4. Jamie Hayslip won Director at large with 38 votes.

Donald Chaffin received 23 votes, 6 people skipped this Question.

Q5. Proposal #1 passed with 60 yes votes.

6 people voted no. 1 skipped this question. This allowed people to serve as officers of the Finger Lakes Region, INC. without term limits.

Q6. Proposal #2 passed with 60 yes votes.

7 people voted no. This allows Directors at Large to serve without term limits.

Q7. Proposal #3 passed with 66 yes votes.

1 person voted no. This allows members with a minimum of 1 year membership in the club to run for office.

Respectfully Submitted: Meridith Croucher, Secretary FLR-SCCA

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